is a game changer.   It’s the first and only resource that can take women inside the minds of men who attend them as well as the ladies who work there.   The strip club industry brings in more money each year than the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL COMBINED.

The sole purposes of this site are  to:

  • Provide education to the wives,girlfriends and concerned parties.
  • Provide ideas for solutions, and coping mechanisms.
  • Healing for hurt feelings and misunderstandings

This site is not intended to replace any counseling, psychotherapy, addiction treatment, etc.

What it is here for is to help you understand and potentially resolve a very touchy subject in your relationship in a way that is positive, affirming, and empowering for you.


Sebastian is a former strip club patron and industry member.  His own journey to leave strip clubs in his past has been a long and winding road leading to a better life.  Because of this, he decided to use his inside knowledge to help others affected to see the other side of life and shed some light for the curious.

Stripper Stopper is the product of over 20 years of experience in and around the strip club business.  It’s an enlightening view for ladies who wonder why their man goes to ‘that place’ and what they can do about it.