How to Solve a Stripper Addiction...FAST

Former Industry Insider shares secrets that can save your relationship!

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It’s taboo. If there’s one subject that starts an argument between a couple… it’s this one. Why? Because it involves money and sex, the two biggest stressors in modern relationships.

  • Find out why your man goes to strip clubs and what is underneath his stripper addiction.

  • Discover what really happens behind the closed doors of strip clubs.

  • Learn how to get into the “strip club conversation” without starting a fight!

  • Resolve this problem once and for all in your relationship

Your man has a strip club addiction and either you’ve talked to him about it many times, or you’re scared to do it. The conversation always ends with him saying “I won’t go to strip clubs”, but next time you won’t hear about it. He starts making up stories about where he was and who he was with to try to avoid the “strip club conversation” with you. Even when he’s telling the truth, you start wondering if he’s lying again.

You may think his stripper addiction is expensive, wasteful, and disrespectful to women. He thinks those girls really like him, but they are using him. He thinks it’s harmless, but it’s tearing your relationship apart. He comes home buzzed and smelling like a brewery with glitter on his shirt, and you’re supposed to be OK with it?

This solution isn’t for women who are OK being a doormat,
It’s not for women who lose their man to an ultimatum,
It’s not for ladies who want to start a fight…

IT IS for strong women who know they’re with the right man, he just needs some help.

You think you’ve tried everything, yet your man still goes to strip clubs and tells you it’s harmless and that you’re overreacting. Sometimes you even agree with him, but later when you think about it, you just get mad.

If you’re ready to learn exactly what goes on behind the curtains at Strip Clubs, you are in the right place at the right time.

You’ve always wondered, now you’re ready to KNOW for sure.

You’re ready to face this problem head on with a new result at the end of the process, one that makes you happy and your relationship stronger.


“StripperStopper works. I was so tired of having the same argument and feeling inadequate until I used your solution. Now I know it’s not me! I have a whole new set of tools to deal with the problem and it’s getting much better.”
Anna J. West Palm Beach, FL.
“Thank you Sebastian! After reading your book I talked to my boyfriend about his strip club attendance. He said that because I approached it right we could talk about it…and it has really helped our relationship grow closer.”
-Katie M. Deerfield, MI.